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Vintage 32 lpi Lenticular screen available for immediate sale.

"At a time when NONE of the present manufacturers or suppliers of lenticular images or materials were in existence, Depthography was dazzling the world with the most advanced forms of lenticular imaging ever produced. - Tom Brigham, Inventor of the Computer "MORPH" effect, Academy Award Winner, "Terminator II"

For the first time you now have the opportunity to utilize the same materials the experts use. Available in 4 'w x 8 'h sheets or cut to any size.

Each 4' x 8' lens sheet has a protective release liner on both sides. Indoor / some outdoor lenses available & currently in stock.Whether you are experimenting in the flip or 3-D lenticular medium or a veteran in the business, this screen is currently in stock & available now in any quantity.


Indoor & outdoor application (appx 32 lenticles per inch resolution, 1/16" thick)
This lens is used for 3-D, flip & animation. The plastic is optically clear, the more refined lens practically disappears on the final image , much better presentation than thicker, coarser materials of 18 lpi or less. The lenticules can barely be detected they are so refined. This really lets the logos & fine detail shine in your images. We use this lens on indoor & outdoor application both big & small. We use this on our fine art line as well. Perfect for point-of-purchase projects, display, rear lit applications, etc.

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