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Depthography- Pioneers In The Art Of 2D, 3D, 4D
Lenticulars & Anaglyph Imaging.

We are located in NYC. Contact us at 1-718-824-1052, or by email at

State Of The Art Manufacturer for over 23 years. Producers of high quality lenticulars, 3D and 4D imaging method that doesn't require glasses, anaglyphs with 3D glasses, stereo pairs, etc. We produce 2D into 3D, 2D into 4D, 2, 3 and 4 phase, and Animating Images. Custom projects and art installations are available.

We can work with you in conjunction with our state of the art graphics capabilities, to make your lenticular or anaglyph stand out with maximum visual impact. From point of purchase signs, panels, posters, murals, print materials, prototypes & web ready on line 3D & 4D artworks. See your posters animate, logos & imagery stand out in 3D with or without glasses, & maximize your advertising space where one image flips to another. Artists, see your work realized in 3D, animate or 2 phase flip on a lenticular print or anaglyph. We also combine effects for a 4D (dimensional with animation). We can fully dimensionalize your flat artwork to include complex curves & deliver to you our best results in a timely manor for all of your projects needs. We can also provide web site & graphics services as well as high quality flat prints.

Lincoln Futurra Dream Car 3-D Anaglyph Image

The name Depthography is synonymous with technical innovation & advanced methods in the field of lenticular imaging since 1992. We are responsible for a number of significant technical advancements in this field. The first computer graphics based lenticulars, the first 4D computer graphic based lenticulars, the first 36-50 frame animated lenticulars, the first 2D into 3D lenticulars with 3D modeling techniques & without, etc.. Some of our techniques have cross over application to Stereo Imaging, Anaglyph, etc.. We continue to lead the field with innovative solutions to clients 2D, 3D & 4D photo imaging needs. Our client base includes: Disney, Sony, Chanel, NOAA, The Library Of Medicine, NSA, AT & T, Macy's, Ernst & Young, Kirkland & Ellis, & many others.

Featured Links

World's Fair 3D Projection Show at The Queens Historical Society by Robert Munn and Sara Cook of Depthography. Sunday April 12th, 2:30pm

"Urban Escape" 3D Photographic Artpiece by Robert Munn and Sara Cook of Depthography
Available For Purchase On Line.

"Fruit 3D Art Images" 3D Photographic Artpiece by Robert Munn and Sara Cook of Depthography
Available For Purchase On Line.

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We are artists & technology pioneers. Aside from producing amazing commercial quality lenticular images, we also create our own 3D fine art installations, art images & present stereo projection shows. Follow the links to learn more about us. Thank you for visiting The Depthography Web Site.