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3D Atlas at Rockefeller Center in NYC

2D, 3D, & 4D Anaglyphs are images you see with red & blue glasses. Depthography offers regular greyscale & full color anaglyph imaging services.

We can arrange a custom 3D photo or 4D movie shoot here in NYC. You can also send us your concept, a photo for 2D into 3D translation, or stereo pair to be transformed into a 3D anaglyph! Utilizing Depthography's unique photo realistic none planar imaging capabilities, the depth is natural looking with curves, roundness & at the actual photo resolution.

Makes a perfect tie in for your current advertising campaign or company logo. We can create dramatic 3D images for your web site & deliver high resolution stereo pairs & anaglyphs.


Depthography had the honor of photographing PIXAR's Oscar for Toy Story at their facility in LA. This 3D photography was featured in the form a 50"x30" Lenticular display at the SIGGRAPH 99' Electronic Theatre. The show was entitled "25 Years of Computer Graphics in Cinema".

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Whether you need images printed, glasses, or image files, please feel free to contact us for a custom quote at 1-646-671-2882.

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